How To Be An Amazing Interviewer In Tech - 8/27/2022

For all the core points, you can find them in the slides below. For this video summary, we're going to share our Top 5 insights from the session:

  • The tension of being a great interviewer is that you need to balance getting signal of the candidate's ability while maximizing candidate experience.
    • Can you make it so that the candidate had a good time even if they failed?
  • Getting signal happens when the candidate has to figure out a challenge. This means that you need to be very careful giving hints. If you give too many hints, you are solving the problem for them.
  • Never ever end an interview early due to poor candidate performance, especially an onsite round. Turn the interview into a fun pair programming exercise where you build cool stuff and help them become a better engineer.
  • If you're the candidate, communicate as much as possible and don't fish for hints. This gives the interviewer more opportunities to help you out. Doing the opposite can doom your chances.
  • At the end of the day, the interview process is made up of people on both sides, interviewee and interviewer. Let's all make the world a little better by striving to be good interviewers!

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