Session #4 - Effective Communication: Leading A Multi-Org Re-architecture At Meta

As an IC, you don't have authority over engineers in the way a manager might. So your impact is defined by your ability to have influence without authority. Influence comes from consensus + collaboration, which comes down to communication. Said another way: Communication is the foundation for trust.

Rahul talked about 3 parts to effective communication in this presentation:

  • Start with the audience
    • Understand how much context your audience has, and connect the dots for them.
    • Your communication should be as short as possible.
    • Bad news should never be a surprise.
  • Choose the right medium
    • Do some reflection on what your objective is: build relationships or efficiently communicating some info? Be clear the difference between verbal and written communication.
    • Evaluate the current processes for communication in your org: standups, team meetings, email updates, cross-org communication.
  • Be consistent
    • You should have a regular drumbeat of posts for your projects. If you feel like nothing happened, you should explain why nothing happened.
    • For long-running processes like brainstorms or architecture reviews, you should consistently message the timeline and milestones.

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